Open-Fired Grilling Returns Us to Origins

Open-Fired Grilling Returns Us to Origins

Something in the human heart loves a hearth and the magic of living fire.

From ancient times we’ve been drawn to the flames of gold amid nights shadows, the crackle of flames licking their chops on wood, the open fire inviting us to share our stories and dreams and the day’s news over a feast cooked and infused with the flavors of wood borne of the earth.

All that was lost in the modern era when technology brought most of the cooking inside our homes with the gas stove, the electric stove, the microwave. To cook outdoors meant the charcoal grill, with its chemically treated charcoal, or the gas or electric grill that kept the food under cover. The art of grilling was reduced to a single chef working the meat while family and friends socialized until summoned to the table.

But now LUX™ Grilling Company is part of a movement calling us back to origins. Our new, trend-setting company based in Fayetteville, Arkansas, creates grills for your backyard that are built to last for generations, grills that easily double as fire pits. People are now rediscovering the sense of belonging that happens around an open fire, where great food is cooked to perfection in the savory air and conversation flows as the fire’s glow pulls everyone in.

The LUX™ Precision Fire Grill is a beast. No high-tech digitized anything. Handcrafted with heavy-gauge 304 stainless steel, each grill is versatile and simple to use. You operate a crank to raise and lower the Control Tower to set the desired temperature over the fire. The Versa Grate is the ideal platform for arranging your juicy cuts of steak, salmon, or chicken, and skewers threaded with chunks of fresh veggies, pineapple, or anything you love that begs for smoky, natural flavor. For flipping and adjusting your food, you’ll need our long-handled spatula (almost 30 inches of heavy-gauge stainless steel). Another essential tool is a set of tongs designed for maneuvering and turning large items and also for rotating the grill to achieve the right temp. When ready to serve the feast, loosen one screw to swivel the grill and remove it from the heat.

No wonder the show “Yellowstone” has been such a huge hit. Maybe it’s because we long for wildness, for recovering something lost in an age of artificiality that’s far removed from who we truly are. Maybe our authentic selves are found in fire, God, each other and a sky so big we can never get sight of the whole. At LUX™ Grilling Company we believe in the real and the power of the fire. Join the return.

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